Forecast Outlook:
WEDNESDAY: Mid period WNW swell holds through most of the day, before starting to ease late. Look for surf mainly around the waist high zone at the better exposed breaks throughout the region, while select winter breaks produce occasional chest-shoulder high sets (strongest for spots to the far west/north part of county), which will be most prominent during the more favorable tides at that specific spot. NOTE - Surf becomes rather slow/fat through much of the morning on the deep high tide.

WEATHER/WIND: Calm to light/variable to light offshore through the morning (depending on exact location), with possible patchy fog in some areas. Then expect only a light+ WSW'erly wind to pick up into the afternoon with mostly clear/sunny skies.

Best Bet: Biggest overall at winter swell magnets to the far west/north part of county. Most spots will be best early as the tide still pushes in, or later in the day on the dropping tide. Incoming tide before dark may be decent too. 
Worst Bet: Deep high tide will slow down and fatten most spots through much of the morning (topping out mid morning). Some onshore flow in the afternoon, but not strong. Many spots become drained on the low tide in the late afternoon. Smaller surf from Malibu through Sunset Beach.More/better West swell lining up for Friday and the weekend+. Also, some SSW-South swell moves in on Friday and the weekend as well. Check the full premium forecast for more details and the longer range outlook.



SHORT TERM FORECAST: (through Thursday Feb 5th) 
Highlights: Fun size mid period WNW swell holds through Wednesday at the well exposed breaks, then backs down over Thursday. Favorable wind in the mornings, but with big high tides hindering most spots.

North Pacific Swell: Mid period WNW swell (285-300°) will hold steady through Wednesday, offering waist-shoulder high+ surf at the better exposed breaks throughout SoCal; strongest overall in Ventura, the South Bay, parts of Orange County and San Diego. Standout winter breaks (mainly of South SD and Southern Ventura, but a few other magnets as well) will produce occasional head high to slightly overhead sets, which will be most prominent during the more favorable tides at that specific spot. This swell will then fade late Wednesday through Thursday.

TIDE NOTE: Big tide swings for the next few days. Expect deep high tides in the mornings, which will swamp out/slow down most spots. Surf will then become drained out in the afternoons for most spots on the negative low tides. Take note of your local tide levels/times and what your spot favors.

South Pacific Swell: Only traces of SPAC swell through Wed/Thurs.

Wind/Weather: For the next few days, expect very similar wind/weather to what we have been experiencing recently. Look for wind to range anywhere from calm to light/variable  to light offshore in the mornings throughout SoCal (depending on exact location), along with areas of patchy fog (dense for some spots). Then expect a light to moderate onshore wind to pick up into the afternoons with mostly clear/sunny skies.

EXTENDED FORECAST: (Friday Feb 6th, and beyond)
Highlights: More fun size westerly swell lines up for Friday, the weekend, and next week. Meanwhile, a modest dose of SSW-South swell will also show.

North Pacific Swell: A series of fun size short to mid period westerly pulses (260-290°) are lining up for this Friday and the several days that follow, the 6th-11th. This will be the product of a large complex storm system that is taking shape over the central-eastern NPAC, and will hangout there over the next few days or so. At this point, this run of swell is looking to provide at least waist-head high surf at the better exposed breaks with occasional bigger sets/peaks at standouts. The pulse for early next week may bump up the surf a couple notches from that. Stay tuned for updates, as this is still pending development.

Further out; possibly another decent shot of West-WNW swell for around the 12th-14th+. Again, still pending development.

South Pacific Swell: Modest to locally fun size SSW-South swell (195-175°) builds in slowly through the day on Friday and tops out for the weekend (strongest overall on Saturday). Many Southern Hemi exposures will see at least knee-waist high+ SSW sets, while standouts in Orange County (especially North OC) produce occasional chest-shoulder high sets. This swell will slowly ease over Sunday and early next week.

Wind/Weather: At this point, we're looking at generally favorable light wind in the mornings for Friday and the weekend, which may very well continue into early next week as well.