Thank you again to everyone that came out, we hope you had a great time. 

Got to Deer Creek at 8am.  The conditions were looking good and were getting better and better as the day progressed.  As everyone was coming and free skimming. We turned it into 2 Team Heats and 1 Final Heat. They had about 30 minutes for the Mega/Final Heat depending if someone yelled out and wanted to go longer.  Other skimmers still skimmed around, watched and cheered.  

The team heats consisted of 2 groups.  1st group was Teddy Parker, Denis, Kyler and Boda.  The 2nd group was Matthew Hammond, Cameron Poe, Mike, George Bryan, and sneaking in right when the heat started Simon Advessian.  After 2 tough heats Teddy Parker, Denis and Boda would push forward from first group.  Matthew Hammod, George Bryan and Simon Advessian from the second group.

Then the finals started and had about 30 minutes or so with all the additional 5 more minute call outs and a last wave for each rider.  The finals was extremely close as all the riders were killing it.  

After the finals we handed out prizes like stickers, 99 cent condoms, hats and more hats (Thanks to George Bryan), candy, band aids, goodie bags and skate decks.  We then just relaxed, took photos and then called it a day.  Thank you to the sponsors for all the support and love... 

Thanks again for everyone that came, and will definitely see you next year! 

Final Standings:

1. Matthew Hammond (Santa Barbara)
2. Simon Avedissian (Newport)
3. Teddy Parker (LA)
4. Denis Ruso (Seal Beach)

Best Air: Mike

Best Ride: Cameron Poe 

Best Wipeout: Morgan Blunder and Matthew Hammond

Snake of the Day: George Bryan

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