A little write up of the "Insert Name Here" contest?...Winch-FEST

First thanks to everyone that came out, we hope you had a great time and enjoyed the food, shirts and prizes. The vibe was definitely great out there and the weather was...okay, scattered showers and conditions were so so.

Alright so after a long night we manage to wake up and get down to westward by around 8am. as were coming, we got rained on and it was pouring. We ended up seeing three skimmers out there, Taylor, Morgan, Denis and Jason.  The conditions were okay, but more winchable.  We started up the winch and let people get situated.  It ended up being warmer in the water than outside of it.  Since conditions weren't that great to skim, it turned into a winch fest.  Taylor getting the first best ride with a nice front side line and attempting a 3 shov.  After awhile a more people were showing up.  People were surfing and skurfing while people were winching.  Rain had stopped and sun was popping out.  Austin Keen, UST World Champion, showed up and decided to try out the winch and for his first ride catching a clean front side line to big spin to shovet.  

We all ate hot dogs again.  Morgan Blunder came through again with the Ez-UP for everyone to stand under while it rained and the cold. A hinge ended up breaking when it flipped over because of the wind. Thank you to Les Morales (@lesmophoto) and Jason Su for taking photos and video.

After we gave out everyone free contest shirts for coming and handed out prizes and gear for everyone.  

Thanks again for everyone that came even with weird weather, and will definitely see you next year!  Spring will be the next contest for better conditions and weather...2014 here we come!