Here's a little write up of the "Insert Name Here" contest? 

First thanks to everyone that came out, we hope you had a great time and enjoyed the food, shirts and prizes. The vibe was definitely great out there and the weather was...okay, scattered showers but great conditions.

Aight so after a long night we manage to wake up and get down to westward by around 7am. as were coming, we see a couple skimmers out there. I believe it was Travis and Jake from Seal Beach. The conditions were picking up through out the day. we started skimming and saw the skimmers coming in slowly. As everyone was coming and free skimming. We turned it into 2 heats and a third mega heat for those who didn't push forward. They had bout 20-30 minutes and it was still fun and games during their heat. Other skimmers still skimmed around but wasn't all serious cause this was just 4 fun. 

After the semi finals we all ate hot dogs, about 50 of them! the skimmers were then told what the standings were from the semi's. Then out in the yonder the waves were getting nice and the rain was coming down every now and then. For those not skimming, Morgan Blunder came through with an Ez-UP for everyone to stand under while it rained. The finals then started and they had about a 30 minute heat with a last wave for each rider. The finals we got a little serious and no one else was allowed to skim around the competitors so they can enjoy the conditions. Skyler tearing it up out there with some nice wraps and rides, but made a suggestion he had to go front side and did on the very next wave. Travis was getting some nice rides also and a clean wraps back in. Lars also turning it up a little towards the end of the heat to keep his solid third place with a nice paddle in and down the line ride. Sam also with great rides and some tech thrown in. Jake didn't get as many waves as he did beginning of day but did really good, same with Denis but still made it to the end. Fuji came on out and skimmed but didn't compete, he just rode. Fuji left early on purpose so he could avoid his trophy "Best Snake of the day" award. So who ever is going to see him next, please award Fuji with his trophy. 

After the finals we gave out everyone free contest shirts for coming and handed out prizes like Let's Party Traction pads, Exile Skim Bag, stickers, 99 cent condoms, more shirts(Thanks to Victoria and exile), candy, band aids, pain relief balm, princess crowns to the winners, best ride for a 99 cent nerf gun, wooden paddles, Vic wooden planes, and some random other stuff. We then just chilled, medicated, and relaxed. We also also gave out a Carbon fiber Square Skimboard for whoever had the worst skimboard or didn't have one at all..Morgan blunder got the exile skim bag for bringing the EZ UP and band-aids for a great fall. 

Then we had a second contest after...a WINCH contest, thanks to Square Dave who brought out the winch. With a limited amount of time, Lars won the winch contest and got his blinged out trophy from Square Dave. 

Thanks again for everyone that came, and will definitely see you next year! 

1. Skyler Sweeny (Newport)
2. Travis (Newport or Seal Beach)
3. Lars (Ventura)
4. Sam (Santa Cruz)
5. Jake (Seal Beach)
6. Denis (Malibu)

--"Insert Name Here" Contest ?--