We started off with a mega heat that was mainly just free skim. Lasted bout 20-30 minutes. Then we split it up and had two semi-finals. Everyone advances in our just 4 fun. 

Heres little write up of the "insert name here" contest?

First thanks to everyone that came out, we hope you had a great time and enjoyed the food, shirts and prizes. The vibe was definitely great out there and the weather was beautiful.

Aight so after a long night of drinking at thornhill we manage to wake up and get down to escon by around 7am. as were coming down the stairs we see a skimmer out there. Mr. Teddy Parker first one out there training his ass off getting ready for his showdown. The conditions were eh at this time but got better through out the day. we started skimming and saw the skimmers comin in slowly. As everyone was coming the free skim pretty much just turned into a mega heat. We then split up the heats into a pro division and "locs" division.

This was pretty much the semi finals. They had bout 20 minutes and it was still funs and games during their heats. other skimmers can still skim around but wasn't all serious cuz this was just 4 fun. The "locs" went first. Christian was absolutely killing it during this heat, super consistent and was getting some nice rides. Morgan was also skimming good all day, he even went switch, but also had such a great fall that the beach was speechless when he face planted on his board! Will also getting in the line with some rides. Then the Pro heat went down and fuj showed up with his pro'ness and was techin all day. Teddy also throwin in some tech and taylor squeezing some rides in.

After the semi finals we all ate free hot dogs, about 32 of them! the skimmers were then told what the standings were from the semi's. Then out in the yonder the waves were getting nice and the sun was beaming. it was time to trunk it and some more free skim. The finals then started when the conditions were good and the "locs" went first with a 25 minute heat. The finals we got a little serious and no one else was allowed to skim around the competitors so they can enjoy the conditions. The "locs" division went down and out of nowhere like a little freak russian curly man denis showed up with his riding. Morgan also turning it up a little towards the end of the heat to keep his solid second place. Christian just didnt get as many waves. The pros went down with a 23 minute heat, got creative and had a celebrity appearance by king kevin and he got into the mix. Kevin just absolutely killing it out there showing up from filming all day. extra points were called for anyone getting close to the kayak out there and kevin charged that shiit with a ride around them into 3rd place. Teddy and Fuj were trying to see how long they can keep their hair dry but that wasn't long till teddy got a sick ass ride down the line and after that he was murdering it and knocked fuj down into second.

After the finals we gave out everyone free contest shirts for coming and handed out prizes like square pads, radios, kites, 99 cent condoms, basket, more shirts, magazines, VHS, and a cigg. We then just chilled, medicated, and relaxed. Will also got a hundred dollar square gift card for 4th place.

The first semi was with the "locs" it went like this


Then we had a pro semi went like this
1. Fuj 
2. Teddy 
3. Taylor

Then the finals
1. Denis
2. Morgan
3. Christian
4. Will

Then pro final with special celebrity appearance King Kevin

1. Teddy
2. Fuji
3. Kevin
4. Taylor

Thanks again for everyone that came, and definitely will be having more of these just for funs in the very near future.