Thanks to everyone that came out, we hope you had a great time. The vibes were definitely great out there and the weather was turned out great.

Getting to westward by around 7am and as were coming, we see a couple skimmers out there. I believe it was Travis Simoneau and Jake Robinson from Seal Beach getting in early for the rising tide. The conditions were picking up through out the day. We started setting up and saw the skimmers coming in slowly. Morgan Blunder came through with an Ez-UP again.  Tex Haines came out and brought Johnny Atoe with him.  As everyone was coming and free skimming. We turned it into 1 Mega Heat, 2 Semi Heats, and 1 Final Heat. They had about 30 minutes for the Mega/Final Heat and 20 minutes for the Semi's.  Other skimmers still skimmed around, watched and cheered.  Morgan Blunder ended up breaking 3 front teeth after a wave which sent him out and ended up filming for us rest of day.  2013 UST winner Austin Keen showed up in fashion missing the first 5 minutes and pushing into the Semi's.

The Semi's consisted of 2 groups.  One of the groups was Marlon Lopez, Lars Rathje, Jake Robinson and Travis Simoneau.  The second group was Johnny Atoe, Robbie Morris, David Sterman, and Austin Keen.  After 2 tough heats Jake Robinson and Travis Simoneau would push forward from first group.  Everyone from second group would push forward as well.

Then the finals started and had about 30 minutes and a last wave for each rider.  Austin Keen was then disqualified after his first wave and sent to go surf with Shaun White...Yes, Shaun White was surfing in the middle of the contest.  The finals got close as everyone was close to each other's spot.  

After the finals we gave out everyone contest shirts for coming and handed out prizes like Let's Party Traction pads, stickers, 99 cent condoms, more shirts (Thanks to Victoria, Square Winch and Exile), candy, band aids, pain relief balm, goodie bags and hoodies (Thanks to Buddy Allstars) to the winners, skate decks, Vic wooden planes, and some random other stuff. 1st place received a wooden skimboard signed by everyone who attended the event.  We then just relaxed, took photos and then called it a day. Thank you to the sponsors for all the support and love... Victoria Skimboards, Exile Skimboards, Let's Party Traction, Square Winch, Slotstik Skimboards, and Buddy's All Stars.

Thanks again for everyone that came, and will definitely see you next year! 

Final Standings:

1. Robbie Morris (Florida)
2. David Sterman (Hawaii)
3. Johnny Atoe (San Diego)
4. Jake Robinson (Seal Beach)
5. Travis Simoneau (Seal Beach)

Best Air: Austin Keen

Best Ride: Jake Robinson 

Best Wipeout: Morgan Blunder and Matthew Hammond

Snake of the Day: Lars Rathje and Robbie Morris

--"Insert Name Here"-- 

Video by Taylor Cadiz

Video by Robbie Morris and Kally Rivera

Fotos by Corey Lee